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North Carolina Divorce Details

With DivorceWriter, you'll receive all the paperwork you need to get divorced in North Carolina, complete and ready-to-file, with instructions to guide you through the entire process.

Choose printing and priority mail shipping, immediate download, or both--at no additional charge. Shipped documents include a DivorceWriter Portfolio to keep your documents safe and organized.

North Carolina Divorce Made Easier

  • File for divorce by mail or in person.
  • Save time and money serving your spouse by mail. Don't pay the Sheriff to do it.
  • Get divorced in as little as 45 days.

Residency Requirements

At least one spouse must live in North Carolina for six months before filing for divorce.

Grounds for Divorce

You and your spouse must live apart for one year before filing for divorce.

Note: The only other grounds for divorce in North Carolina is for the spouses to live apart for three years due to incurable insanity.

Where to File

Divorces are filed at the Court Clerk's office in a county where at least one spouse lives.

Understanding Fees

If you are unable to pay the one-time divorce filing fee charged by the Court Clerk's office due to financial hardship, file a request to have that fee waived. DivorceWriter will provide you with the paperwork required to request a fee waiver.

Money-Back Guarantee

If your documents are not accepted, DivorceWriter offers a money-back guarantee.


You have qualified to use DivorceWriter to complete your North Carolina divorce papers online.  Select "Continue" to start the interview.

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