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Choose DivorceWriter for your Kentucky do-it-yourself divorce. You'll complete your own divorce forms online that are specifically designed for use in Kentucky with detailed instructions so that you can represent yourself without an attorney--start to finish.

The Benefits of Uncontested Divorce in Kentucky

  • File for divorce by mail or in person at the Court Clerk's office.
  • Serve your spouse with divorce papers by mail.
  • Get divorced without ever going to Court
  • Receive your signed Decree in the mail.
  • Finalize your divorce in as little as 60 days.

Residency Requirements

At least one spouse must live in Kentucky for at least 180 days before filing for divorce.

Grounds for Divorce

If you think your marriage is damaged beyond repair, you have met the requirements for divorce on the no-fault grounds of irretrievable breakdown.

While you and your spouse must be separated for 60 days before your divorce can be finalized, you are allowed live under the same roof as long as you don't engage in sexual relations for the 60-day separation period.

Filing for Divorce

Divorces in Kentucky are filed at the Court Clerk's office in the county where either spouse lives. The Court Clerk charges a filing fee to open a new divorce case. However, if you can't afford the filing fee, file a Motion to Proceed without Paying Court Costs when you file for divorce.

Serving Your Spouse

Because your spouse is going to sign an Entry of Appearance and Waiver, you will be able to serve divorce papers by mail. This allows you to avoid the expense, time and hassle of hiring the Sheriff or a private process server to handle service for you.

Finalizing Your Divorce Without a Court Hearing

While uncontested divorce hearings tend to be brief and very straight forward, most people feel at least somewhat intimidated at the thought of appearing in front of a judge and greatly appreciate being able to finalize their divorces without having to go to Court. In Kentucky, getting divorced without a hearing is generally easy to achieve when you file an Agreed Order to Submit, also sometimes referred to as a Motion to Submit. This document acts as a substitute for having the Petitioner come to Court to testify that the requirements for Kentucky divorce have been met.

DivorceWriter's Money-Back Guarantee

DivorceWriter offers a full refund if your Kentucky uncontested divorce documents are not accepted by the Court.

Where to find Blank State Forms

While not as easy, it is possible to fill out your divorce forms by hand. You can directly download blank forms from the Kentucky Courts and Legal Aid organizations at no cost using these links:


If your divorce is uncontested and your spouse is willing to sign the papers, you can use DivorceWriter to complete your Kentucky divorce forms online.  Select "Continue" to start the interview.

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