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Residency Requirements

At least one spouse must live in Texas for six months before filing, and the spouse who files for divorce must live in the county where the divorce will be filed for at least 90 days before filing.

Grounds for Divorce

Insupportability is the no-fault grounds for divorce in Texas. Insupportability has nothing to do with money or support. It's basically what other states refer to as irreconcilable differences. If personal conflict between you and your spouse has destroyed the purpose of the marriage and there's no reasonable hope for reconciliation, you have met the grounds for insupportability.

Where to File

The spouse filing for divorce (Petitioner) files in his or her county District Court.

Child Support

Compared to other states, the standard child support calculation in Texas is very straight-forward because it's based on a flat percentage of the net income of the parent paying support.

# of Children% of Obligor's Net Income
6 or more40%+

However, if you and your spouse have agreed to a different child support amount than the amount calculated under the Texas Child Support Guidelines, the DivorceWriter interview makes it easy to enter your chosen support.

What Our Texas Customers are Saying

"Divorce is the toughest thing that I have had to ever face. Divorce Writer helped make the paperwork and process smooth, efficient, and as painless as possible. Everything was delivered as promised, I was allowed to make changes after my paperwork was delivered, and the judge had absolutely no questions whatsoever regarding the paperwork. It truly was a very easy process." -Jeff P., Texas

Where to Find Blank State Forms

If you prefer to complete blank forms on your own, they can be downloaded from txlawhelp.org at no cost using these links:


If your divorce is uncontested and your spouse is willing to sign the papers, you can use DivorceWriter to complete your Texas divorce forms online.  Select "Continue" to start the interview.

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