E-Filing Your California Divorce

While e-filing has been implemented statewide for many types of court cases, at this point, only 15 of California’s 67 counties offer e-filing in dissolution of marriage cases. In counties where e-filing is available, it is only mandatory for attorneys. People filing for divorce without a lawyer, or pro se, may choose e-filing or a traditional paper filing in person or by mail at the Court Clerk's office. If you do live in a county where e-filing is an option for divorce cases, whether it's the right choice for you depends on how comfortable you are with things like registering for an account and uploading documents.

Basic E-Filing

  1. Register for an Odyssey eFile CA account.
  2. Prepare your documents for e-filing.
  3. E-file your divorce papers.

More information on e-filing and divorce is available here. DivorceWriter California includes step-by-step instructions for paper filing as well as e-filing using Odyssey eFile CA.

Counties with Divorce E-Filing

The list below indicates the counties where dissolution of marriage cases can be filed electronically. Expect this list to grow every few months until all counties support dissolution cases.

A glaring omission from the list above is Los Angeles County. With a population of over 10 million, the benefits of e-filing divorce cases there are obvious. However, at this point the only family law cases that can be filed in L.A. County are DCSS cases. There is no option to select non-DCSS family law cases like dissolution of marriage.