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How long does it take to get divorced?
Depending on the state it could take 2 weeks to 6 months to finalize your divorce.

State Filing Fees
Guess which state has the highest divorce filing fee?

Can I Get Married Right After Getting Divorced?
It used to be common for states to make you wait to remarry after a divorce.

U.S. Divorce Residency Requirements
How long do you have to live in a state before you can divorce there? Which county can you file for divorce in?

Divorce Filing Fee Waivers
One of the most expensive parts of every divorce is the filing fee paid at your court. Can you get this fee waived?

Parenting Classes
Parenting classes and which states require them when getting a divorce.

How to Amend Divorce Papers
Sometimes you need to make changes to your divorce papers after they are initially filed. When you fix and refile a document you are filing an "Amended" document. Here are the steps on how to do this.

If a Lawyer Says the Clerk Will Reject Online Divorce Papers
Lawyers and online divorce product providers are competing for your business, so don't expect an attorney to approve your self-prepared documents.

Divorce and Protective Orders Can you represent yourself in a divorce when a protective order is in place?


How Does a Child's Preference Affect Custody?
Do children have a say in which parent they will live with? It depends on the state and how old the children are.

Child Support Calculators by State
Links to child support calculators to estimate how much you or your spouse might owe.

State Information

Texas Law Make Child Support Modifications Harder
A 2018 Texas law makes it harder to modify child support if you deviate from the state calculation.

E-Filing and Michigan Divorce
You still can't start a new divorce case online in Michigan, but in some counties, e-filing can make completing your divorce easier.

Filing for Divorce in Los Angeles County
In L.A. County the correct courthouse for filing your divorce depends on your zip code. Make sure you get it right.

Divorce and Pennsylvania's New Public Access Records Law
Pennsylvania's 2018 law concerning confidential information affects uncontested divorce papers in three important ways.

Bexar County Divorce Delays
Unlike the rest of Texas, Bexar County filers without an attorney must wait several months longer to get divorced.

E-filing Divorce Cases in Georgia
E-filng is mandatory for attorneys in Georgia, but if you're filing for divorce without a lawyer, you have more options.

Cook County E-filing Problems
Cook County is struggling to meet e-filing deadlines set by the Illinois Supreme Court and is being sued by the press for civil rights violations.

Cook County Divorce Filing Fee
Cook County has the highest divorce filing fees in Illinois. Learn the tricks for avoiding the unncessesary fees.

2017 Illinois Child Support Calculation
See the big new change in how child support is calculated in Illinois. Applies to all divorces after July 1, 2017.

Can You Get Divorced While Living Together?
Look up whether your state allows you to live in the same house with your spouse while you go through a divorce.

Respondent's Role in an Arizona Uncontested Divorce
Should you get an Arizona Consent Divorce or Default Divorce. Learn more about the pros and cons of each type of divorce and the role the Respondent plays in both.

California Divorce
Learn more about the marriage dissolution process in the first state to allow No-Fault divorces.

Simplified Divorce in Florida
Anyone can file for a standard divorce in Florida, but if you have no children and are in agreement with all issues you may qualify for a simplfied divorce.

Rating Uncontested Divorce in Georgia
Georgia scores a 1.5 in our new divorce easiness rating system. See what makes this state simpler than others.

Simplified and Standard Divorce in Illinois
Illinois is one of the few states to offer a simplified dissolution (divorce) along with a standard dissolution. Read more to see if you qualify and help you decide whether the simplified route is right for you.

Indiana Divorce Made Easy
While divorce will always be a difficult process for couples, it is good to know that in Indiana at least the legal part of divorce is not too complicated.

Louisiana Divorce
Article 102 vs 103: Which is right for you?

Maryland Divorces Are Now Easier
The expansion of Maryland's mutual consent divorce ground makes divorce quicker and easier for all couples, not just those with no minor children.

Opting-Out of Michigan Friend of the Court Services
The Michigan Friend of the Court (FOC) is involved in divorces with children. Make sure you realize what you are giving up if you opt-out; the FOC can help enforce child support and custody orders.

Ohio Divorce or Ohio Dissolution
Ohio is unique in that it is the only state where a divorce and a dissolution are different processes. Find out which one is best choice for your case.

Uncontested Divorce in Texas
Basic information on how to file for divorce in Texas.

Divorce in Texas with Children
Texas child support and custody details explained.

How To Finalize Your Virginia Divorce
You used to have to attend a hearing to finalize your divorce in Virginia, but in 2012 it became possible to skip the hearing. Find out more.

How To

Do-It-Yourself Divorce
The basics of getting a divorce without a lawyer.

Where do I file for divorce?
In which county should I file? Which clerk's office handles divorces in your state?

Surviving DIY Divorce: Dealing with the Court Clerk
What you need to know about divorce court clerks before you file.

Top 5 Tips for Interacting with Court Clerks
Follow these 5 tips to make filing your divorce go more smoothly.

E-Filing Your Divorce Papers
Going to the court house to file paperwork can be a pain. Find out more about uploading your divorce documents electronically.

How to Serve Divorce Papers
Serving divorce papers on your spouse is not that difficult. In many states you can even avoid this step.

Your Day in Divorce Court
See if your state requires you to attend a court hearing. If it does, we have tips for surviving your day in court.

How To Enforce Child Support Orders
What do you do when your spouse stops paying child support? There are a lot of options.

Divorce in the Internet Age

Facebook Becoming Leading Cause of Divorce
Social media is being blamed for the breakups of more and more marriages.

Online Divorce Papers
More and more people are preparing their divorce papers online for the the price, speed, and convenience.

Free Forms or DivorceWriter?
You fill out your forms online by answering simple questions on DivorceWriter. Completed state-specific forms paired with up-to-date filing instructions make getting divorced easier than filling out free forms by hand.

Cheap Divorces Online
Why is DivorceWriter so affordable? Or why are so many other online divorces so expensive?

Serving Divorce Papers on Social Media
A New York judge allows a woman to serve her husband divorce papers in a facebook post.

Cyber Sex and Divorce
Did sexting lead to the end of your marriage?

The Leader in Online Divorce
See why DivorceWriter is #1.

Same-Sex Divorce

Supreme Court Ruling and Same-Sex Divorce
On Friday June 26th the U.S. Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal across the country. What does this mean for divorce?

County Clerks Refusing Same-Sex Couples Despite Supreme Court Ruling
Even though same-sex marriage is legal across the country some court clerks refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. Do clerks have the right to refuse on religious grounds?

Status of Same-Sex Marriage in the US
On October 6, 2014 the Supreme Court decided not to hear appeals for five states attempting to retain their bans on same-sex marriage changing the marriage landscape in the U.S.

Same-Sex Divorce
If you have a same-sex marriage and have moved to a state that doesn't support same-sex marriage, it may not be that straightforward to get divorced.


Quitclaim Deeds and Divorce
A quitclaim deed may be needed when one spouse is keeping the house in a divorce, but the house was owned jointly during the marriage.

Top 5 Reasons to Include Property and Debts in Your Divorce
Some couples have been separated for many years with all of their property divided when they divorce. Should they list some of this property that has already been split in their divorce paperwork?

Who Gets What in a Divorce?
Community Property, Separate Property, and Equitable Distribution in Divorce. Depending on what state you live in, it might make a difference on what is legally yours.


Preparing to File for Divorce in the New Year
For couples that have been separated for a long period of time, come the New Year it is natural to want to finally end the marriage formally. What can you do right now to prepare for the divorce?

American Divorce Day
Is January 5th the busiest divorce day of the year?

Uncontested Divorces
Differences between a contested divorce and an uncontested one.

Marriage Length and Online Divorce
DivorceWriter study shows that easy access to online divorce forms is not leading to shorter marriages.

15 Tips for Surviving the Holidays During Divorce
How to manage the Stress of the holidays.

Divorce Rate in America
The 50% divorce rate myth: Americans aren't getting divorced as often as we thought.

Building a Successful Second Marriage
Second marriages are even more likely to fail than first marriages. Read more to see what you can do to help prevent a second divorce.

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