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How does DivorceWriter work?

First, complete the basic pre-purchase portion of the online interview. Then, set up your... more

What happens after I receive my DivorceWriter documents?

Just follow the step-by-step instructions included with your DivorceWriter package, which ... more

How do I make changes to my documents after I receive them?

If you want to make changes to any of your documents after receiving them in the mail, you... more

Will DivorceWriter documents work in my state and/or in my situation?

DivorceWriter provides self-help divorce documents and instructions. DivorceWriter is not ... more

I finished the online interview. How long will it take to receive my documents?

Get your DivorceWriter documents immediately using the instant download option. You may al... more

I want to use DivorceWriter to prepare my own divorce documents. What do I do next?

To get started, click on "Start the Process" above. You will be taken to our online inter... more

Can I use DivorceWriter in my state?

DivorceWriter offers divorce documents for nearly every U.S. state and the District of Col... more

What if I need additional documents that were not included in my DivorceWriter package?

Contact customer service at with the name or form number of the the... more

What is the online interview?

In as little as 10-15 minutes, the online interview allows you to enter the information ne... more

Can you overnight my documents to me so that I can have them right away?

Get your DivorceWriter documents immediately using the instant download option. You may a... more

How do I change my password?

To change your password you must first log back into your account using the login section ... more

How do I make changes to my existing DivorceWriter account?

If you already have a DivorceWriter account and need to make changes to your online interv... more

Are DivorceWriter documents legal?

DivorceWriter's goal is to provide self-help divorce documents. However, DivorceWriter is ... more

Does DivorceWriter provide documents for annulments?

No. DivorceWriter does not currently provide documents for annulments.

What is included?

The DivorceWriter package includes all forms needed to complete your divorce. These state... more

I didn't list any property or debts in the online interview. Why do some of my documents ask the court to divide property and debts?

Asking the Court for to divide property and debts fairly is standard language in the Divor... more

Can I file for divorce by mail in or e-file my divorce papers if my courthouse is closed to the public?

Yes. While courthouses are limiting access to the public to slow the spread of COVID-19, c... more

Do we need to notify the court of any address changes during the divorce?

Any questions concerning the requirements for notifying the court about changes of address... more

Can I file for divorce during a bankruptcy or vice versa?

Thank you for your inquiry. A divorce combined with a bankruptcy can be complicated and de... more

Can I just notarize one copy of my document, and then make copies of the page with the original signature?

Yes. Since notaries charge a per document fee, you will save money by having one document ... more

Will my documents be completed or will I have to fill them out myself when I receive them?

For the most part, your DivorceWriter documents arrive completed with the information that... more

I encountered a security restriction error when trying to e-file a document notarized online.

Some customers receive the following error when attempting to e-file a document they had n... more

Can I hand-write missing information on my documents or do they have to be typed?

As long as the form itself does not specifically state that it must be typed, you may hand... more

Who is my retirement plan administrator?

The plan administrator is the person or company selected by your employer to manage the re... more

Can I create another divorce in my account?

Yes, you can purchase additional divorces from your Account Summary page. Login to your a... more

What's the difference between an Acknowledgement and a Jurat?

With an Acknowledgement, the notary is certifying that the signer appeared before the nota... more

Do we include step-children in our divorce?

No. Only include children to whom both spouses are the legal parent. If you're filing for... more

I need a form that is not available online or in the DivorceWriter's supplemental forms database. How can I find a sample form elsewhere?

Divorce documents are public record, so it is usually possible to obtain a copy of one or ... more

How do I serve a spouse that lives in a different state or country?

The process for serving a spouse that lives in another state or country depends on the sta... more

Does it matter which spouse files for divorce?

Generally speaking, both spouses should have the same rights in a divorce proceeding regar... more

What is DivorceWriter's fax number?

DivorceWriter's fax number is (800) 344 9889.

How do I get documents notarized during quarantine?

In many states, places that provided in-person notary services before the quarantine, like... more

We were married in a foreign country. Can we divorce in the U.S.?

As long as you meet the residency requirements for filing for divorce in the state where y... more

I didn't list any property or debts in the online interview. Why do some of my documents ask the court to divide our property and/or debts?

The Divorce Petitions/Divorce Complaints in most states contain language asking the Court ... more


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Do any documents require notarization?

The filing instructions included with your DivorceWriter package will provide additional i... more

What are the signature requirements for the documents I will receive?

The state-specific filing procedures included in the DivorceWriter package indicate which ... more

What if my spouse and I don't live in the same state?

As long as one spouse meets the residency requirements for the state where the divorce wil... more

Do I have to divorce in the state where I was married?

No. You can divorce in any state where you or your spouse meet the divorce residency requi... more

Can the wife change her name back during the divorce?

Yes, the wife may restore her name to the name she had before the marriage took place. If ... more

My documents ask for the "Cause Number" instead of a "Case Number." Is this correct?

Yes. In a number of U.S. states, the Courts use the term "Cause Number" instead of "Case ... more

How do I fix, or "amend" an error in a document I've already filed with the Court?

If there was an error on one or more of the documents that you have already filed with the... more

Where can I find state-by-state information on how long it takes to get a divorce?

Depending on the state where you live, it can take as little as two weeks and as much as s... more

Does my income fall below the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines?

To qualify for a divorce filing fee waiver, some states require the person filing to have ... more

Can my spouse have documents notarized in a different state?

Yes. If your spouse is unable to have documents notarized by a Notary Public in the state... more


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What is the difference between child support and spousal support?

Spousal support is paid to one spouse by the other for the support and care of the receivi... more

We have agreed that one spouse will pay spousal support to the other. What are some options?

Two common ways for one spouse to receive spousal support payments from the other are (1) ... more

Can we specify how we will claim our child(ren) for income tax purposes?

The DivorceWriter online interview allows you to designate which spouse will claim your mi... more

We have received our documents, but have decided that we do not want any parenting time schedule. Is this possible?

The DivorceWriter online interview, which you completed previously, was designed to accomm... more

We have children. Can I still use DivorceWriter?

Yes, you can use DivorceWriter to create your divorce forms even if you have children. Th... more

Do I have to pay income tax on spousal support payments that I receive?

For federal income tax purposes, spousal support is commonly considered taxable income for... more

What if I'm unemployed?

If you are unemployed, any unemployment compensation you receive is considered income. If... more

What if my children live in another state and we already have a court order or informal arrangement concerning child support and child custody/parenting time?

If you want to have the court issue an order as part of the divorce concerning child suppo... more

What if neither spouse has custody of the child(ren)?

For mandatory sections like custody and parenting time, selections must be made to complet... more

What is the home state of the children under UCCJEA?

While you are entitled to file for divorce in any state where the residency requirements a... more

Do I include minor children if we don't have contact?

Yes. If both spouses are the parents to the minor child, they are included in the divorce.... more


(Hint: To see more help topics select a state in Step 1 above)

Can I receive a portion of my spouse's retirement plan even though his/her retirement is several years away?

The most common way for one spouse to secure the right to a portion of the other spouse's ... more

Do we have to list the debts we have agreed to divide?

About 30% of DivorceWriter customers list debts. The debts listed will appear on the sett... more

We want to transfer real estate into only one spouse's name. Do we need a Quit Claim Deed?

Generally, if you want to transfer jointly held real estate into the name of only one spou... more

Can we divide/list as many items of personal property as we want?

Choose to list all, some, or no property. The customer decides which property, if any, to ... more

Do I need to list the legal description of my real estate?

It is generally sufficient to just list the physical address of the property (street, city... more

When can I record the quit claim deed my spouse signed?

One spouse may choose to sign a quit claim deed transferring his or her interest in the ma... more

Why do my DivorceWriter documents say that we do not have life insurance or other property that we actually do have?

Some states require divorcing spouses to provide information on several different types of... more

What is the "legal description" of a piece of real estate?

The legal description is usually a one to two paragraph description of land that includes ... more


(Hint: To see more help topics select a state in Step 1 above)

I received my DivorceWriter package today, but I'm not sure I want to file for divorce right away. How how long are these papers good for?

Unsigned divorce documents do not have an expiration date per se. Applicable time periods... more

I can't find my spouse. Can I still use DivorceWriter?

DivorceWriter is designed for couples who have reached an agreement on all issues and who ... more

I am not sure my marriage was legal. Do I even need a divorce?

DivorceWriter is for people who want to end their marriages. If you have any questions reg... more

What if I have an out of state driver's license or no license at all?

If the spouse who files for divorce does not have a valid in-state driver's license, it ma... more

My spouse is currently incarcerated. Can we still use DivorceWriter?

Yes, as long as your spouse is capable of receiving documents and signing them in front of... more

How do we get documents notarized in a foreign country?

The meaning of the term "notary" varies widely from country to country. To find a Notary ... more

What if one spouse is an active duty servicemember?

A divorce can be filed in the state where either spouse meets the residency requirement. A... more

Can I use divorce forms even though they contain gender-specific terms?

One thing that has lagged behind following the legalization of same-sex marriage nationwid... more

My spouse is currently incarcerated. What address do I use?

You may use the address at the facility where your spouse is currently incarcerated. Divo... more

How do I end a civil union or domestic partnership?

When recognized in the state, civil unions and/or domestic partnerships can be entered int... more

Which states allow same-sex divorce?

On June 26, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nati... more