Filing for Divorce in L.A. County

Los Angeles County Divorce Court Map

Unlike some of the country’s larger counties, like Cook County, Illinois, where filers can choose between six different branches to file for divorce, regardless of where you live in Los Angeles County, your zip code decides at which courthouse you must file for divorce. Currently, there are ten L.A. County courthouses that handle divorce cases, although this list changes at least a little every year or two as courthouses move or are closed altogether.

How to Use the Filing Locator

First, go to the Los Angeles County Court’s website and click on Filing Locator. Under Choice 1, enter the Petitioner's zip code and click "search." The Petitioner is the person who is filing for divorce. Enter the zip code only. Leave "city/community" blank and do not make any selections under Choice 2. The courthouse branch listed under the "Family Law" column is the one you should select as the branch.

Depending on your zip code, the Filing Locator will assign one of the following branches:

Additional Documents Needed

If your filing for divorce in Los Angeles County, you will use the mandatory Judicial Council of California forms just like in any other California county. However, you will also need to file a form called the Family Law Case Cover Sheet and Certificate of Grounds for Assignment to District (FAM 020). Other than that, all of the forms are the same.