Simplified Divorce in Florida

Florida is one of a handful of states that offers simplified divorce in addition to the standard divorce option. Both are types of uncontested divorce, and both have benefits and drawbacks. The main perk of simplified divorce is that there are fewer documents to file. However, a simplified divorce requires both spouses to go to the courthouse to sign papers and both must attend the court hearing together. On the other hand, while standard (non-simplified) Florida divorce requires more documents, it also allows the non-filing spouse, or Respondent, to avoid going to the courthouse.

Anyone can file for standard divorce. With simplified divorce, however, you must meet certain requirements to be eligible, but keep in mind that even if you qualify for simplified divorce, you might still decide that a standard divorce is easier for you. This is especially true if your spouse is not willing to be involved in filing and/or doesn't want to go to the court hearing. With DivorceWriter, you can switch divorce types at any time at no additional charge.

Simplified Dissolution

To qualify for simplified dissolution, you must meet all of the following requirements:

The steps for a simplified dissolution are:

  1. Sign the divorce papers, including each spouse going to the Court Clerk's office to sign the Petition.
  2. File the divorce papers.
  3. Both spouses attend a hearing to finalize the divorce.

Standard Dissolution (with or without Minor Children)

If you and your spouse don't qualify for a simplified dissolution, you must file a standard dissolution case. The basic steps for a standard dissolution are:

  1. One spouse (Petitioner) files for divorce.
  2. A sheriff or private process server delivers, or "serves," divorce papers to the other spouse (Respondent).
  3. Sign and file the remaining divorce forms.
  4. Petitioner attends a hearing to finalize the divorce.

The DivorceWriter online interview makes it easy to select the right forms for your case. Simply select "yes" to the simplified divorce question if you meet all the requirements and you want to file that type of divorce. If you don't meet all of the requirements, or if you think a regular, non-simplified divorce is better suited to your circumstances, select "no." Don't worry if you change your mind. You can always log in to your account and switch to the other type of divorce papers for free.