Online Divorce Papers

Once you decide to file for divorce without an attorney, the next step is finding a complete set of divorce forms that will work in your state and county. Internet companies like DivorceWriter provide an affordable option for preparing your own state-specific divorce forms.

The Benefits of Using Online Divorce Forms

Pay a fraction of what attorneys charge.

Depending on where you live, the average attorney will charge between $1,500 and $5,000 to represent you in a simple uncontested divorce. With DivorceWriter, you can prepare your own state-specific divorce forms for just $137. Your document package will include step-by-step instructions for getting a divorce in your county.

Online divorce papers are more up-to-date than form books.

Although the laws change frequently, divorce form books that are available at bookstores and libraries rarely put out new editions. This means that you're often using outdated divorce forms and you don't even know it. They also don't usually provide required county-specific forms. If you prepare your documents online, you have the benefit of receiving forms that change with the laws. Additionally, because internet divorce companies receive regular feedback from customers about their filing experiences, they can easily and quickly revise their forms and instructions to provide the best product possible.

Create professional-looking forms in the comfort of your own home.

Fill in the blank divorce forms usually look sloppy, even if you have great handwriting. The spaces provided are often too small to fit all of the required information, forcing you to squeeze it in or leave things out entirely. This makes them harder for the court clerk and judge to read and understand. Forms generated online are designed to fit all of your information and look as professional as those prepared by an attorney's paralegal. You can also immediately download your documents and change, save and print them as many times as you want.

You Can Create Your Own Divorce Documents in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Provide only required information.

You select the state and county where the divorce will be filed as well as which spouse will be filing for divorce. You'll also enter provide other information needed to complete your divorce papers including name, address, phone number, DOB, date of marriage, place of marriage, employment information, and any property or debts you want to list. You will also enter information concerning spousal support, if desired, and whether either spouse wants to resume a maiden or former last name.

If you and your spouse have minor children together, you will provide basic information about the children as well as your wishes with regard to custody and parenting time. Couples with children also to provide basic income information, which is used to calculate what child support should be based on the standard Child Support Guidelines in your state. You can then choose to use the standard calculation for your state or select a different amount.

Step 2: Submit your information to our secure automated system.

Once you finish entering your information, you will be taken the review page, which notifies you if the automated system has detected any potential errors. Then, you will click a button to transfer your information to state-specific form templates and generate your complete document package. DivorceWriter's site is tested and certified daily to be secure by McAfee, the world's largest dedicated security company so you don't have to worry about your privacy.

Step 3: You choose how to receive your documents.

With DivorceWriter, you can instantly download your documents. You also have the option of having your documents sent to you via priority mail at no additional charge. Some customers prefer to download their documents and also select priority mail shipping.

Anyone Can Use Online Divorce Forms

Although filing for divorce without an attorney is very common, and people who do almost always get their documents from an online source, we occasionally receive feedback from customers who tell us that their court clerk's office told them that they aren't allowed to file for divorce using "online divorce papers." However, almost without fail, when we contact the very same court clerk's office, often just minutes later, and ask questions the right way, we are told that they will accept whatever a person submits for filing, but if the documents aren't legally sufficient, the judge may reject them.

Always keep these three things in mind in when using online divorce papers:

  1. You have a right to represent yourself in court without an attorney.
  2. The vast majority of people who file for divorce without an attorney use divorce papers from the internet.
  3. If the judge notifies you of a problem with your divorce papers, you will be given an opportunity to correct them.

You Can Make Changes to Your Documents for Free at Any Time

If you need to make changes, either after first reviewing your documents or later in the divorce process, you may log in to your DivorceWriter account at any time. Then, you submit your changes to DivorceWriter's automated system, and choose how you would like to receive your revised documents.

DivorceWriter understands that not all customers file for divorce as soon as they receive their documents. In fact, it isn't unusual for some customers to wait for several weeks and even months before actually filing for divorce. For that reason, we offer unlimited revisions for two years at no additional charge. This also means you can receive the latest version of our documents free of charge at any time, which is important since divorce laws and documents are subject to change.

If, after making changes to your account, your documents do not accurately reflect your circumstances, you have the option of downloading your documents in Microsoft Word and self-customizing them further.

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