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Why is DivorceWriter so affordable?

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With DivorceWriter you can complete your divorce forms online for $137 with no hidden extra fees. Other sites will charge up to $299 for similar services. Is DivorceWriter inferior, since we charge less? No, we make a Great product at a Great price!

We believe our divorce packages are as good or better than anything else offered online. We keep costs down with industry leading automation. We do not have a person review your documents and we do not provide legal advice. If you need legal advice or don't want to file the divorce forms at the court yourself, you should seek an attorney instead of an online divorce website.

Here's what is included with your DivorceWriter purchase:

*Court filing fee is not included. Like nearly all online services you still will have to file the divorce paperwork yourself and pay the court filing fee at the clerk's office.

3 Reasons Other Online Divorce Services Are Expensive

  1. Hidden up sells.

    Priority Service. Other sites charge for rush processing. DivorceWriter doesn't. Your forms are ready immediately for download. Printed copies of the documents are mailed each morning for customers that request no additional charge.

    Additional Forms. If you need another form and we have it, we will send it to you. We don't charge extra for a Filing Fee Waiver document or other documents that your court might require.

    Processing Fee. One of our lower cost competitors tacks on a surprise required processing fee on the payment page.

  2. Limiting your revision period to an unrealistic time period.

    Here's what two of our competitors offer for a revision period:

    Both of these services charge $299 for their divorce forms and only provide document updates for 30 days even though most divorces take longer than this. The minimum amount of time to complete a divorce in Texas is 61 days! If a judge needs you to make changes to your forms after 30 days, do these services charge you another $299?

    With DivorceWriter you can make changes to your forms for two years. This allows you plenty of time to finish your divorce.

  3. Expensive affiliate programs.

    Many of our competitors have expensive affiliate programs. An affiliate program is where a website pays another affiliate website a commission for each customer it directs to them that makes a purchase.

    For example, gives referring websites a minimum of $100 for each customer:

    "Due to proven success, all of our affiliates start off receiving $100.00 (yes, one hundred dollars) for each sale."

    If you are the customer, you pay for this with higher prices.

    Unfortunately some of these affiliate websites pose as unbiased divorce review websites, but conveniently rank sites high that pay out large commissions.

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