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Reviews and Testimonials

We receive a lot of feedback directly from our customers. Below are some examples.

"Thank You for your help with my Divorce Papers. With the booklet and instructions that were sent with the divorce papers it makes everything so simple and easy. The Judge signed the Divorce Papers this pass Thursday. I will definitely recommended you guys too anyone that ask. I appreciate All Your Help!"
Virginia (August 2021)

"Wanted to let you know my dissolution finalized today. All forms from you were absolutely perfect! Thank you from a satisfied customer!"
–T. M., Ohio (September 2019)

"Thank you for your excellent service! ...I was able to finally complete the whole process during November... I want to take this time to appreciate you for your service in helping me represent myself through the pro se route. Certainly, I will recommend DivorceWriter to others who wish to simply avoid the expenses of legal services nowadays."
–U. J., Texas (November 2018)

"I received my paperwork Thursday and by Friday afternoon everything was filed and complete. The clerk of court commented that she wished all filings were that efficient. Thank you!"
–L. H., Georgia (October 2018)

"I just wanted to tell you this is by far THE BEST online business I have ever had the pleasure to work with in any capacity! You deliver great service. I'm very impressed with your Attention to details! Fantastic would recommend you."
–Chris K., Arizona (August 2018)

"You made my filing less stressful and even the court clerk was impressed. Thank you!!!"
–Paula, Utah (May 2017)

"The court clerk said my paperwork was so organized and complete that I did "better" than a lawyer and offered me a job.
The forms and instructions I received from Divorce Writer made ALL the difference. Now instead of waiting 20 days for a court date, I'll be able to get the court date tomorrow.
I just kept pulling out completed document after completed document and the clerk said that this just never happens. She had never seen someone so prepared on filing day.
I just wanted to thank you for your help and guidance. You offer a tremendously valuable service and saved us a lot of grief and heartache (the divorce itself gave us enough of that already!)"
–Mary M., Kentucky (October 2016)

"My divorce went seamless. Thank you for everything!"
–Anthony, Illinois (July 2016)

"I just wanted to take the time to thank your company for making my dissolution so easy by using your site. During an already difficult time the tools you gave me allowed me to make the process painless..so thank you from the bottom of my heart for having making this affordable and stress free."
–Sarah J., Kentucky (April 2016)

"I want to say thank you for setting me up for a successful divorce. Thanks to your help and good tips I was granted my divorce today. The judge recognized that I had used the service of a Web site to prepare the documents. He also said that I had done a fine job getting them all in order."
–Tom M., North Carolina (November 2015)

"I just wanted to let you know that Divorce Writer is an absolutely wonderful tool!!! Although when I first received my package, I was a little overwhelmed, I took it one step at a time & found it to be clear & complete. I live in Suffolk County, New York which is probably one of most difficult places in which to deal with the legal system. With the helpful tips included in your package, I was able to successfully & confidently navigate through the county clerk's office with no issues at all!!! I was totally amazed!! I recommend Divorce Writer to anyone who is looking for an uncontested divorce. Thank you for making this an affordable process with a minimum of stress."
–Patricia, New York (December 2014)

"I wanted to thank you sincerely for assisting me in acquiring my divorce on 8-6-2014 in the District Court in Washington, DC. I will surely let others know that you provide excellent services and instructions on how to use your services."
– N.P. (September 2014)

"I consulted a lawyer and got an estimate of fee[s] for providing a dissolution. My ex and I had already agreed how to split the debt and assets, however the attorney told us to get all these things separated into the correct party's name by refinancing debt and getting assets reassigned. ...[O]nce completed, I filled out your questionnaire and ordered your packet of required paperwork. The paperwork was easy to understand and clearly explained what to do at every stage thru the process. The court process was smooth as could be, and all paperwork was correct. It was very easy to use the service you provided and very cost effective. I couldn't be happier with the results."
– Cathy E., Cincinnati Ohio (March 2014)

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this affordable service!! I've been waiting 4 years to get divorced, but if it wasn't for this service I wouldn't have been able to as easily!!"
– Alexis, Arizona (March 2014)

"Not satisfied with the information provided by the junior court clerk, I contacted the Putnam County Circuit Court Clerk today. She advised that I was provided inaccurate information by the confused junior clerk and invited me to return the courthouse and attempt to file again. My second attempt at this was completed successfully and without any issues. I am grateful for the support DivorceWriter provided. Your product ultimately proved to be accurate and effective. Once again, thank you!"
– Harry K., Florida (March 2014)

"Thank you so much for a simple quickay to obtain a divorce. At first I was apprehensive, but all worked out well just following your simple steps. But please note that in Bucks County you do not need a self addressed certified envelope to receive the final decrees in the mail; so that was an unnecessary expense (12.00). Also please note Bucks County doesn't charge for the filing of the Praecipe to Transmit Record; which is a good thing. So I only paid $349.00 to file and receive a final decree. So less than $500 and less than 4 months I'm a free woman. THANK YOU!"
– Adrienne, Ohio (February 2014)

"I would like to thank Divorce Writer for your service. My divorce papers were accepted and I am divorced. I believe my case was completed [in] under 30 days. Your customer service was very helpful."
– Marsha, Illinois (February 2014)

"I followed all the instructions precisely and it worked perfectly. Today I went before the judge and it was approved without any problems with the papers and info you provided. Thanks to all of you for saving us the money!"
– Chris, Tennessee (November 2013)

"I would like to thank DivorceWriter for making it truly easy for me to process and complete my divorce in October 2013. I did not need a lawyer or outside help. The package I received the next day in the mail as promised was put together in steps that had the county court clerks saying, "Looks like you have everything you need". They were impressed with the order of the documents I had already prepared before I had to submit them. This process was too easy to be true. I definitely had to forward the website to a friend who is recently separated from their spouse in hopes that the process will be equally painless."
– Pauline H., North Carolina (November 2013)

"I wanted to give you some feed back on how using the Divorce Writer sytem worked for me. I live in SC and my wife moved back to ohio which was where we filed our papers. We followed the instructions and had our papers filed and had a court date within 3 weeks. We appeared in front of the judge and it was done and over with within 10 minutes. You guys saved us a lot of time and money. "Thank You" so much for supporting me with the questions I had and for having a very professional complete package for anyone wanting to take care of business relating to a divorce. I would recommend Divore Writer in a minute."
– Ken C., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (September 2013)

"I have to say that EVERY correspondence I have had with your associates has been nothing but professional and respectful. You have listened intently to my discourse each and every time and promptly answered my requests. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from you each and every time. I am very grateful for the integrity of your associates and your service. I thank you kindly for offering to refund my money."
– Liz C., Georgia (July 2013)

"Fast, efficient, and easy to use. Moreover it is backed with great customer service that is second to none. A wonderful service oriented experience."
– James O., Minnesota (May 2013)

"You guys have a great product. My divorce went smoothly and was finalized less than 30 days after I filed. I used your easy step by step instructions, and it worked out beautifully. A happy customer, and will refer you to others."
– Shari, New York (March 2013)

"I filed my divorce today and the clerk informed me that the paperwork you provided was the most professional she had seen in her career. It made her job fast and easy and I only spent about ten minutes in her office. It was also easy for her to find the documents I needed to send to my wife. So, thank you again for making this so easy for me."
– Antwon, South Carolina (March 2013)

"I found DivorceWriter online and decided to give it a try. To make a long story short, everything went perfectly. All of our documents were in order and complete. The family law facilitator who handled our case was very impressed and even thanked us for making it easy on her. And all of this for $149! I couldn't be happier!"
– Jaimie M., California (February 2013)

"Just wanted to say that my divorce took only 2 weeks to get after filing. My wife had a lawyer look at the papers on an hourly basis, and added a few things that were very simple. Instead of costing me many thousands of dollars it came to less than a thousand including the lawyers fees and my lawyers fee for the QDRO. Incredible!!"
– Mike H., Minnesota (February 2013)

"My divorce was simple, quick, and easy. My divorce was finalized today, and I am absolutely relieved and impressed with the Divorce Writer process. I will definitely recommend your product to anyone needing help."
– Tiffani L., Texas (November 2012)

"Thanks for everything divorce is final. One of the best site I heard about"
– Michael C., Virginia (October 2012)

"I recently used your service to complete my divorce documents and I must say you made the entire process so easy! I live in California and my divorce won't actually be finalized until January 2013, but the documents have already been filed with the court, the judge has already signed off on the settlement agreement and I already have the final judgment documents returned to me from the court with the judge's signature. Everything has gone so smoothly and I didn't even have to appear in court. I want to thank you for taking the anxiety and fear out of this process for me."
– Teresa (September 2012)

"Thank you so very much. As a side note, I found your website very easy to use and understand. The simple details make it so anyone, even under tough times and stress, would navigate through it easily. Again, many thanks."
– Mike, Washington State (September 2012)

"Thank you so much. I filed my papers yesterday, and you made it so easy."
– Pat N., Georgia (August 2012)

"This is just a note of gratitude. I used all your forms, ideas and tips, and we must have done something right. We were in Court exactly 4 minutes and the divorce was final. Thank you so very much, not only for the money we saved by using your program, but also for all the hassles and strife a divorce can so easily bring."
– Nancy, Michigan (July 2012)

"Thank you very much for your service. Your forms were very easy to fill in and use and your explanation of the process was very helpful. I was able to get my divorce completed and finaled in a 2 week period."
– Daniel T., Louisiana (January 2012)

"I just wanted to say how easy it was to work with your online forms for my divorce. I went yesterday to have everything finalized and even the judge was impressed with the forms, nothing needed to be altered or changed. Glad I found you and thanks again for helping this process go smoothly for me."
– Victoria G., Georgia (December 2011)

"I just wanted to write and thank you for providing such a wonderful service. My divorce was granted October 2011. Two of the three couples in the courtroom did not have their divorces granted because paperwork was not filled out correctly. I had no trouble at all, and the entire proceeding took about three minutes once we were in front of the judge. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
– M.K., Ohio (2011)

"I used your service in July of this year. My divorce just went through after a little hang up from my ex. I just wanted to thank you for your service, it made my divorce much simpler and cheaper than I imagined. There were no issues in the least with your paperwork. The notary that I used was skeptical of the paperwork stating that a lot of times there is missing information or needed paperwork when you use a website. That was not the case that I experienced at all. I promise to always recommend your website whenever the subject comes up. Thank you again."
– Deirdre D. (November 2010)

"I'm from [...] Tennessee. I just wanted to thank your company and your website for being so helpful. I used your service a while back to file my simple divorce. It worked great. You helped turn a really stressful time in my life into something that was more bearable. One million thank yous!"
– Amber N. (September 2010)

"Thank you guys for your prompt and efficient service. I contacted you guys on 7/13/2010, and my divorce was finalized on 8/11/2010. Thanks to your services, which received a high mark...from the Better Business Bureau (I did the research before I spent my money), I was the only one in court who was represented Pro Se. The entire process cost me about $275.00. Most lawyers charge $600.00 to $800.00 for an uncontested divorce, so you can see how much money I saved."
– William J., Virginia (August 2010)

"I would like to thank you for your assistance in a situation I really cared NOT to do. However, my divorce is final. I really appreciate your help from start to finish. Along the way I had questions and concerns. I would jot them down, send them in a email and there you guys were with answers. I also appreciate you resending a full package because the state of TN had some amendments and you guys were right on it with no extra charge. It's not a good thing to divorce however one can't force love then love wouldn't be that....it would be control and that's not my heart...so, in part...I would like to thank you for helping me make a stressful situation and making it peaceful and very affordable I don't condone divorce however, some things can't be helped... I appreciate your help. All I have are good things to say about your company!!!"
– MJ, Tennessee (August 2010)

"I just had my court appointment today to finalize my divorce in Virginia. Thank you so much for your package and info. It helped me A LOT to do it on my own. From all the couples without an attorney, I was the best prepared and it took less than 10 min to be out after my name was called :)
Just wanted to mention one Virginia question that you currently don't have listed:
   Plaintiff/Defendant: Are you holding a valid Virginia driver's license?
Thank you again, your company saved me a lot of money."
– Chrissy, Virginia (May 2010)

"Over the last six months I submitted the paperwork you provided, and recently received my Judgement of Divorce. I'm writing to thank you for a quality product, and clearly written step-by-step directions. I'm sure this service saved me a great deal of money, and I will tell others about it."
– Margie S., New York (April 2010)

"I want to say thank you for helping me through my divorce. My divorce was about as simple as they come with no children and no real assets or large debts to divide. You service saved me hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees and expenses. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone in a similar situation. Your service saved me time and money!"
– Jeremy A., Texas (March 2010)

"I wish to thank you for all the assistance. My Divorce was final 1/15/10."
– Doug K, Illinois (Jan 2010)

"Thank you so very, very much for your kindness and the expeditious turnaround of this request. I shall never forget it and I will let others know of your excellent service."
– Carla G., California (Jan 2010)

"Divorce is the toughest thing that I have had to ever face. Divorce Writer helped make the paperwork and process smooth, efficient, and as painless as possible. Everything was delivered as promised, I was allowed to make changes after my paperwork was delivered, and the judge had absolutely no questions whatsoever regarding the paperwork. It truly was a very easy process."
– Jeff P., Texas (January 2010)

"When I think of how much my friends have spent on divorces here in Florida, I almost have to laugh. Divorce writer is simple and the customer service was awesome. You only saved me a couple thousand dollars in legal fees! I even made errors on the forms and your customer service helped me resolve this without charging me! My divorce went through quickly and even Volusia County here in Florida said, "you have no errors in the paperwork, who's your attorney?" I responded by bragging about Divorcewriter.com
Thank you so much for a superior product and one that is totally user friendly. Oh, you just can't beat the price either!"
– Steve, Florida (August 2009)

"This is a BIG THANK YOU! Professional, speedy service and guaranteed results! Your integrety was consistent throuout the process! All paperwork was acceptable and accurate! I recommended your site to the chef at the restaurant where I celebrated my final decree."
– Stephenia, Texas (August 2009)

"I can't express how happy I am right now. My divorce was finalized on July 10, 2009. I was so relieved when [the] judge granted my divorce. I had sweaty palms and shaky legs because I thought he was going to find something wrong. I had some minor adjustments I had to make to my papers, [but] it was easy to log in and adjust them... YOU GO DIVORCE WRITER I hate to say it but I will recommend you to others. XOXOXOXOXO!"
– Dedra, Georgia (July 2009)

"I just wanted to thank you for your service. My divorce became final June 15th and thanks to you it went very well.
Your legal documents and instructions were the best and your online support through the the whole 6 months was worth the price of your service. I would recommend your service to everyone who is looking to start their new life over again!"
– Gabrielle S., California (June 2009)

"The documents were complete, delivered quickly and accepted in court with no questions asked. The instructions were very helpful and the testimony guidelines were great. The Judge told me I 'did a very nice job.'"
– Tim, Texas (2009)

"I just want to thank you all at Divorce Writer. My divorce became final today and the Judge was very impressed with my paper work and I told her that in was Divorce Writer. The process was easier than I thought it would be and a big part of that was you guys. So many Thanks!! It was worth every penny!!"
– Gale, Texas (April 2009)

"Thank you for your services, you have made a tough part of life so much nicer. Everything went very smooth. Thank you again."
– Connie, Illinois (January 2009)

"Thank you so much. My divorce was final on 8/15/08. Everything went like a charm. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated all that you did to help this process go so smoothly for me."
– Patrice, Georgia (August 2008)

"Well, yesterday was the big day. I went to court to finalize my divorce and everything went off without a hitch. I want to thank you all so very much because without you I would not have known what to do. From the filing to the divorce, you were right there for me. Hopefully, not many people will be getting a divorce but if they do then I will HIGHLY recommend you. Again, thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!"
– Jan, Georgia (August 2008)

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. You have made getting a divorce so easy and painless. I told a friend about your service, and how easy and professional everything was done. I showed her the divorce papers ..., and she was impressed. She is going to use your service also. Again, thank you, it was money well spent."
– Paul C, Texas (August 2008)

"I must say you do stand by your word regarding refunds. I appreciate that!"
– Lisa (July 2008)

"You have been most helpful and I thank you. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who asks."
– Phoebe H., Texas (July 2008)

"My divorce was finalized this morning, thanks for the great service you provided, I will recommend your service to any one I know who might be in need."
– Eddie S., Texas (April 2008)

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